Only 0.15 cents per square feet for any space!

At Viral Busters, we are proud of being a local leading service provider for disinfection and sanitation. At ONLY $0.15 cents per square feet, we are here to help our clients get the best service for the most thorough results while saving money!

When effectiveness matters, our Atomizer is only of a couple systems to rely on. We are committed because your health and safety depend on it. 

Call us today and let us show you why we are the preferred disinfection and sanitation company in the Bay Area!

A Disinfection and Sanitation  Company You Can Rely On

Viral Busters is a business that the public and organizations in need of disinfection and sanitation services can rely on. We are committed to staying ahead of the industry to learn and implement the newest technologies.


The disinfection and sanitation services we offer are meant to be a viable solution for high-traffic facilities and private celebrations held at homes. This high-volume flow increases the risk of spreading pathogens and other contaminants. Viral Busters can disinfect, and sanitize without interfering with your daily routine from lingering fumes or chemical residue.

Viral Busters
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You may feel overwhelmed in the search for the most effective approach for disinfecting and sanitizing your space as there are many options available. You may still want to know what system they plan on using to disinfect your household or facility. This is specifically important during the search to find protection in the fight against coronavirus. Hopefully, by now, you realize that the right approach is to work with a reputable disinfecting company.