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Throughout the South Bay Area we create a healthy and safe environment by disinfecting and sanitizing any space.

Introducing our disinfection and sanitation services

We understand the importance of keeping your families protected and what better way to protect them, than by having your home or workspace professionally disinfected and sanitized for the health and safety of yourself and everyone around you. Viral Busters Disinfection and Sanitation Services can assist in the eradication of pathogens spores, bacteria, and cleaner homes, work environments, medical facilities, schools, general communities, and much more! We want you to focus on limiting or preventing infectious diseases polluting your indoor environment, by allowing us the opportunity to offer protection against them as your preferred sanitation services company.


Organizations in need of disinfection and sanitation services can rely on Viral Busters. Our premier disinfection and sanitation services are committed to staying ahead of the industry to learn and implement safe practices that assist in the fight against the continuous spread of viruses such as COVID-19.


Our services are meant to be a viable solution for high-traffic facilities and private homes as high-volume flow increases the risk of spreading pathogens and other contaminants. There has never been a better modern-day example than the COVID-19 pandemic. Our company can disinfect and sanitize, without interfering with your daily routine from lingering fumes or chemical residue as we are 100% Organic & Eco-friendly.


About Us

This global COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live our lives, our hearts go out to all the front-line workers before us and those affected by a corona virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention continue to monitor Corona virus (COVID-19).

At Viral Busters, Disinfection and Sanitation Services have never been more apparent of the value they play in our lives worldwide right now. After months of uncertainty, we decided to open our doors and are taking best practices and preventive measures with heightened health and safety protocols while our services place your health and our employees’ health first. We are so excited to connect with you, our clients, and the community and continue to monitor and comply with all changing government business operations.